Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Would you like to be covered while driving a vehicle that you do not own, but drive from time-to-time? Then a non-owners policy is for you. Our non-owners policy contains within it SR22 filing. This policy will cover you to drive a vehicle that you drive rarely or only occasional. However, this policy will not cover a vehicle that you drive regularly or vehicles registered in your name or to any member of your household


The cost of the non-owner SR22 policy will vary between persons and situations. However, for most policyholders, a non-owners policy will be less expensive than a normal auto insurance policy. In California, the application cost will include a one-time filing fee of $20.

To determine rates in your case, visit our main rating factors page–there you will learn what factors insurance companies use to determine auto insurance rates. In most cases, the factors described on this page will be the same factors up for consideration when applying for a non-owners SR22 policy.

As a side-note, It is common for many to think that purchasing this policy as opposed to a more traditional form of insurance can be an extremely cost-effective way to cut your monthly insurance bill. If you’re merely applying for this insurance because you think that it might be a cheaper option for you, it really is not. It is about the same monthly cost to cover your vehicle for liability and attach an SR22 filing to it than to get the non-owners policy.

However, you can research this yourself by calling 1 (800) 901-3090, and get a price estimate for an owner’s policy. However, our on-line rater does not yet feature a non-owners policy quote. So, you’ll need to call our office directly for that information.

Otherwise, the main difference between purchasing a non-owners SR22 policy and an owner’s policy is that when purchasing the non-owners option we’ll be able to rate you with a lower annual mileage factor. This is because we are not accounting for any regular vehicle that you drive. Otherwise, the prices for both options really are comparable.

Either way, Upgrade Insurance provides great rates for both options.